3D Project's

Mix of 3D Games

This section shows some of my 3D projects made within Unity.

The below projects were completed solo which includes:

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Art work/ Use of Unity store assets
  • Most Audio sound effects
  • Coding C#
  • Prototyping (Both paper prototype/ Grey boxing)

The Crypt

Unity 2020 C# (2022 Solo) 

3D First Person Shooter built to show the importance of a games geometry and how it effects the beats within a single-player 3D FPS. Within this a player must navigate the Crypts to collect 3 objectives items, the player has a choice of 2 additional weapons to collect and an extra task (optional) of clearing the level of all enemies before then making their way to exit of the level. 

What it consisted of:

  • 3 types of enemies (each with different types of turret attacks and 1 boss type)
  • Medium to low level of difficulty gameplay (allowing the player to focus more on the level navigation over survival)
  • Multi layered level layout (allowing for strategic level design to drive the players forward momentum)
  • A layout built to reward all player typology's
  • A healthy balance of health placements and reward health for defeating a enemy
  • 3 types of charge weapons within the level (allowing infinite ammo and multiple approaches to enemy encounters)
  • The use of architectural technics to enhance and keep the player in a state of flow
Hours to complete:

The Crypt (Design Side)

 (2022 Solo) 

The Crypt may have taken 50 hours to build, but first it took 150+ hours to research, plan, playtest and adapt. This project required deep dive research and understanding of:

  • Player psychology
  • The importance of architectural techniques and their use within design patterns
  • The beats/ flow of gameplay
  • Player typology categories
  • The understanding and analysing of immersion

As a result of the research, planning was undertaken to deliver a game level in which the player would stay fully emerged whilst providing a challenge to all player types.

What it consisted of:

  • 3 level beats (can be seen in the pictures)
  • Set in a consistent gothic setting with both open and enclosed areas
  • Balancing of enemies/ health encounter
  • Paper prototyping of level layout
  • Positioning of enemy AI and collectables
  • The use of architectural technics to keep players on the set path
  • Additional features added (2 new weapons and UI map showing enemy/ collectable locations)
  • Multi-layered layout built to direct the player on a set path (also allowing the end goal to be seen at the start location)
Hours to complete:

The Dark World

Unity 2021 C# (2021 solo)

3D objective based stealth game, within this level the player must avoid being caught by the enemy while stealing 3 items before making their way to the exit area. This level has been built with 3 sections each with elevated areas allowing the player time to evaluate their surroundings so players can plan their approaches. Enemies and collectables were given clear markers, there are 3 types of enemy AI; patrolling, stationary and free roaming (set areas). All will take pursuit if sighting the player (the player has a chance to escape this) if the player is caught this results in losing the game.

What it consisted of:

  • Multi-layered terrain
  • Strategic item, enemy and hiding spot placements
  • C# Coding (player controller, enemy AI, collectables and completion stats)
  • UI (created in Adobe Photoshop)
  • UX design (balancing the speed of enemy AI and their positions based on set level design)
  • Particle system
  • Animated avatars
Hours to complete: 

The Dark World
(Design Side)

(2021 solo)

Creation of The Dark World required intense research into the field of stealth games and more specifically enemy stats of awareness along with their field of view, in order to build enemies that have a more human feel to player reactions.

What it consisted of:

  • Level design and layout (3 sections each patrolled by enemies guarding 1 collectable)
  • Balancing of enemy/ collectables positioning and locations
  • C# Coding and mechanics
  • Balancing of enemy speed, field of view and pursuit time
Hours to complete: