2D Project's

Mix of 2D Games

This section shows some of my 2D projects made within Unity and GameMaker Studio 2.

The below projects were completed solo/ part of a team which includes:

  • Game Design
  • Art work
  • Most Audio
  • Coding C#
  • Prototyping (Both paper/ Grey boxing)


Unity 2018 C#/ Fungus add on (2020 Solo) 

A visual novel which has been created as a university project. It entails the journey of a new widower with a number of multiple choices leading to two different endings (created with Fungus). 

All the artwork and most of the sound effects were created by myself, this project took 70 + hours including asset design, using Unity 2018 and purely FUNGUS GAMES asset to create a great story.

What it consisted of:

  • Multiple story narratives
  • Player emersion
  • Visual/ audio ques
  • Lots of hand drawn artwork (created in Adobe Photoshop)
  • Replayability
  • Animated sprites
Hours to complete:

The Absence of the Book

GameMaker Studio 2 (2019 Solo) 

The Absence of the Book is a narrative driven, 1 level top down 2D dungeon crawler, based within the fire at Windsor castle in 1992.  With the collection of magic gems and with the help of your magical grimoire you teleport back 100 years from the current time to collect all game objects to complete the stage.

This game was created as a university project using GameMaker Studio 2 Drag and Drop coding as my first game project.

What it consisted of:

  • Tile mapping
  • Puzzles and player tasks
  • Story narrative
  • UI (created in Adobe Photoshop)/ UX design. (balancing of collectables and enemy collectable drop rate)
  • Replayability
  • Animated sprites


Hours to complete:


Unity 2019.4.37f1 C# (2021 solo)

Small arcade game based on the myth of Polybius (urban legend) this games speed and audio increases as the score increases, the incoming blocks spawn position is randomized making each run seem different to the last with each input from the player causing a visual disruption. The players high score is saved and displayed to encourage replayability.

What it consisted of:

  • Parallaxing background (created in Adobe Photoshop)
  • Score based game-play
  • C# Coding
  • UI (created in Adobe Photoshop)/ UX design (balancing of speed increase and visual effects)
  • Replayability (score setting)
  • Animated sprites
Hours to complete: 

The Lost Nut

Unity 2020 C# (2021 part of a team)

A mobile 2D platformer game in which the player will navigate the level on both land and water avoiding numerous enemies whilst hunting collectables to reach the end goal.

What my contribution consisted of:

  • Level design and layout
  • Balancing of collectables and locations
  • C# Coding and mechanics
  • UI (created in Adobe Photoshop)/ UX design (balancing of speed increase and visual effects)
  • Replayability (score setting)
  • Balancing of enemy speed and damage dealt
Hours to complete: